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Ladakh Heart Foundation with NHM conducts Health Awareness Workshop Promotes Healthy Lifestyle at Govt Degree College Khaltse.

A Health Awareness Workshop held today at Govt Degree College Khaltse, organised by the Ladakh Heart Foundation in collaboration with the Health Department Leh, aimed to enlighten attendees on the significance of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

The workshop featured expert speakers who emphasised the importance of healthy food habits in maintaining a disease-free life. Highlighting findings from studies, it was revealed that poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors contribute significantly to 90-95% of diseases. Therefore, adopting healthy practices daily is essential for maintaining good health.

Following the informative talks, an intense interactive session ensued, with both students and staff actively participating and engaging in discussions.

In recognition of the valuable contributions made by the Ladakh Heart Foundation in promoting a healthy lifestyle and their significant role in the health sector of Ladakh, the Incharge Principal of GDC Khaltse commended the foundation's efforts.

The workshop concluded with attendees leaving equipped with knowledge and motivation to prioritise their health and make informed lifestyle choices.

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