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March 2020,After multiple suspected cases of COVID-19 at the state-run Sonam Norboo Memorial Hospital, the Leh district administration reached out to the Ladakh Heart Foundation (LHF) to convert the free, volunteer based hospital into COVID a care facility for suspected positive cases.


The district administration assigned medical staff at the Ladakh Heart Foundation to  monitor the cases and once  a patient testes positive, they are shifted to a government-run medical facility for treatment.


About Us

In Ladakh,  most of the population lives at an altitude between 3500 - 5000 meters and in the winter temperature goes down to -36 degrees. These factors are the reason why there is a high risk of cardiovascular diseases in this area.


The nearest hospitals that deal with these problems are more than 500 km from Ladakh and because of the extreme weather and the winds, sometimes the roads close for months.

Ladakh Heart Foudation is born from the need of the Ladakhi community to have easy access to health centers and where we can treat and prevent different diseases that arise from the extreme living conditions that are experienced in this region.


We seek to give people the opportunity to have access to a proper health care free of charge and to learn what are the risks that lead them to develop diseases in order to detect the symptoms and take precautions in time.


Since 1997, we have worked in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases throughout the Ladakh region and its surroundings.

Today, we can happily say that we have eradicated the problem of  rheumatic heat diseases. Through health camps and education programs for health and the environment, the people of Ladakh are more informed about how to prevent and treat diseases.


With the passage of time, we continue to investigate how the geographical and climatological conditions of our region affect the health of the inhabitants. We create health camps where specialists from different parts of the world come to perform the necessary operations for and treat all people in need.


Through workshops on environmental education and health, we create awareness in people to take care of their environment and improve their health.


Our goal is to create a healthier community, with better life conditions and more opportunities.



Medical Programs

In our general hospital in Leh, and through medical camps in all Ladakh, we offer different diagnostics and treatments, for free, to those who need them. 

We have created a international network of specialists who volunteer their work to treat our patients. 


Educational Programs

We believe the most effective solution to a problem is to embark upon a programme for the prevention.

With that on mind, we conduct different seminars, presentations, documentals and medical researchs to increase the awareness of issues in an early stage.  

Aid Programs

Trying to be helpful in times of need, we have developed different relief efforts in case of a natural disaster. 


We also provide handicap equipment to people with disabilities that can not afford them.  

We are always looking for new ideas to bring health and information to all the people in Ladakh. We are working on new projects to improve the quality of life in many different ways.


Social Reforms and Empowerment for the year

Government of Jammu and Kashmir State Awards 



The Himalayan Hero Award

Naropa 2016


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Bharat Ratna

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Award

Ladakh Buddhist  Association

Youth  Wing



Jammu Lawyers Association



Each year, we take a moment to recognize the most important events and then we shape them in a newsletter.


We invite you to relive our history through them.


Research Center

Due to the geographical and climatological conditions of the region, we have detected different health problems that are particular to this area. And precisely because our medical conditions are unique in the world, we have taken on the challenge of documenting them and sharing them with the rest of the medical community.

We achieve this by generating alliances with medical researchers from other parts of the world, to translate our observations into medical reports that can complement the existing literature.


and the Circulation

High Altitude Health Problems in Ladakh.

Effect of aging on blood pressure

in Leh




Adaptation, Aging and Disease Epidemiology in High Altitude

Adaptation and Mal-Adaptation to Ambient Hypoxia


of Leh Town, Ladakh

Cervical Cancer Screening & Treatment 

Health Care

Programme to Flash Flood

Bioresources for Sustainable Regional Development

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since 1997



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Get Involved

We are always open to new ways of collaboration and synergy. 

If you also want to build a healthier community in the Ladakh, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to structure some kind of alliance, donation or volunteer with the foundation.

Together we can bring health care in every village around the region! 

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