Medical Programs

In our general hospital in Leh, and through medical camps in all Ladakh, we offer different diagnostics and treatments, for free, to those who need them. 

We have created a international network of specialists who volunteer their work to treat our patients. 




The Organization is running a hospital in the city of Leh since 2006, serving all people of the surroundings, who cannot afford treatment or need a very specialize kind of care that is not available elsewhere. 


The Organization has been organizing health camps in rural parts of Ladakh, focused on heart diseases inviting Cardiologist from the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) since 1998. 


Aware that is very difficult and expensive for them to travel and get proper health care, we organize visits to remote villages, where we treat the main problems with specialize equipment that is not available there. 

Ladakh Heart Foundation 

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