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Aid Programs

One of the functions of Ladakh Heart Foundation, is to act as a bridge between those who have difficulties and who want to help at a distance.


For this reason, we materialize part of our resources in care efforts for those cases where medicine is not enough.




Due to the deterioration of our natural environment, the whole region is experiencing more intense rains, shorter winters and a series of changes for which we are not prepared.

We, with the necessary equipment to provide health care to places of difficult access, try to provide support in cases of emergency. Trying to alleviate this, the impact of these on people's lives.


We are aware that some health problems can not be treated by prevention and / or medical surgeries, as is the case of different physical disabilities.
That is why, Ladakh Heart Foundation, allocates part of its resources to provide the necessary equipment to these people, to improve their quality of life.

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