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we would like to express our deepest thanks to Mr. Devasish Sharma, Joint Resident Commissioner of Assam Bhavan Mumbai and his NGO Deepsikha Foundation for providing free board and lodge for economically challenged cancer patients all across India who come for their treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. Deepsikha foundation has been working hard to make cancer cure and treatment available to poor patients who do not undergo any treatment for the lack of funds and help around 5000 patients yearly. They provide shelter, organize pick and drop transport facilities, provide all-round assistant from arranging basic necessities like home appliances to financially assisting the treatments during their course of treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital Cancer patients sent from both Leh and Kargil by the Ladakh Heart Foundation have availed immeasurable help and support by the Deepsikha Foundation. We are thankful for Deepsikha Foundation for their constant support.

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