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INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY 2024, celebration by Ladakh Heart Foundation.

Ladakh, March 8, 2024 – Ladakh Heart Foundation, in collaboration with the Ladakh Women Alliance, supported by Loving Tara marked International Women's Day with a powerful and insightful event held at the Women's Alliance office. The occasion brought together a diverse range of voices to address critical issues facing women's health and environmental conservation in the region.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Nordan Otzer, who shed light on the prevalence and prevention of various non-communicable diseases, particularly focusing on cervical cancer—a pressing concern in Ladakh. Dr. Otzer's presentation provided valuable insights into combating these health challenges and promoting women's well-being. He spoke about the contribution made by Ladakh Heart Foundation especially related to cervical cancer screening and women’s health in general.

Another distinguished speaker, Jigmet Singge, an Environmentalist highlighted the pivotal role of the Women's Alliance in the protection of the environment. With a keen emphasis on sustainability and community engagement, Singge highlighted the importance of women's leadership in environmental conservation efforts.

Mrs. Tsering Chondol, President of the Women Alliance, expressed gratitude to the esteemed speakers for their enlightening contributions. She also thanked Ladakh Heart Foundation and Loving Tara for empowering women and addressing pressing societal issues.

The event saw a remarkable turnout. Their active participation and engagement underscored the significance of collaboration and dialogue in advancing women's rights and societal progress in Ladakh.

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