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Health Workshop on Non-Communicable Diseases in Hemisshukpachan

Hemisshukpachan, Ladakh - March 16, 2024 - Ladakh Heart Foundation, in collaboration with the Health Department Leh, organised a health workshop at Hemisshukpachan. The event aimed to raise awareness about the escalating prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and underscored the significance of preventive measures and healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Nordan Otzer, ENT Surgeon graced the occasion as the keynote speaker. Dr. Otzer elucidated the burgeoning incidence of NCDs such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases. He emphasized that early detection and lifestyle modifications are instrumental in curbing the progression of these diseases, advocating for regular screenings at nearby health facilities.

Shri. Smanla Dorjey, esteemed Councillor of LAHDC, honored the event as the chief guest. He spoke on the paramount importance of local food consumption and the promotion of organic farming practices to foster a culture of healthy dietary habits and lifestyle choices among the populace.

This enlightening campaign was made possible through the joint efforts of the Ladakh Heart Foundation and the Health Department Leh, with funding support from the District Health Society.

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