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Health Awareness Camp Organised by Ladakh Heart Foundation.Funded by District Health Society, Leh

Health awareness camp organized by Ladakh Heart Foundation in collaboration with District Health Society. Under (NHM)Dr. Nordan Otzer, ENT surgeon Cum social reformer was the speaker on the occasion. He spoke about Non-communicable Diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes, cancer, obesity, and various other sedentary lifestyle diseases and ways to prevent them. Health Awareness Camp was held in March of 2023 in the following places and dates:-

  • TAROO village on 14th

  • CHUCHOT YOGMA on 17th

  • DIGGER NUBRA on 18th

  • CHAMSHEN village on 19th

  • KHALSER village on 20th

  • YULKAM village on 21st

  • SKARA YOGMA on 22nd

  • YULKAM village on 21st

  • SUMOOR village on 26th

  • TSATI village on 26th

  • SKAMPUK village on 27th

  • LAKJUNG village on 28th

  • TIRITH village on 29th

  • DISKIT village on 30th

  • SHANG SUMDO village on 31st

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