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We join forces against the plastic

Today we understand that the future of humanity very much depends on our planet, and the future of the planet very much depends on humanity. With that on mind, we believe that a healthy relationship with the nature can have a positive impact on our quality of life.

The fact that Leh is growing as a point of important tourism in the region, is signifying a growth in waste and pollution issues for an ecosystem that is in itself sensitive. For this reason, our efforts are not only aimed at the local population, but also to make the visitors aware and thus generate a culture of responsible tourism.

With that in mind, we unite efforts with the District Administration of Leh (DC Avny Lavasa), SSP Leh Sargun Shukla (Jkp Leh), A Thousand Metres Above and other friends from Leh, and produced a documentary film called ‘Foe in Phayul’ that talks about the consumption in plastic and the environmental impact of it.

We leave the video here for those who haven´t seen it.

The official release of the documentary was in a large gathering at Leh main market on the evening of 23rd August, 2018, just after a funny presentation of our ally and protagonist Agu Stanba.

This is the first of many similar efforts that we want to do for the environmental education in Ladakh and we hope that this is the beginning of a larger conversation about the use of plastic in leh.

All this, with the hope that our community is more aware of the impact of our decisions on our environment and how much that can affect (both positively and negatively) our health and quality of life.

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