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Dedicated to hope, heal and recover

Volunteer doctors at ladakh heart foundation has diagnosed 2577 patients in the period of nine months.

Dr. Tsering Landol

Dr. Landol, recipient of Padma Shri, a remarkable gynecologist is working as volunteer in our hospital.She works tirelessly even after retiring and never refuses patients at any odd hours.Her dedication and awe inspiring work has befitted numerous women across ladakh.

Dr. Tsering Norbu

Dr. Norbu recipient of Padma Shri is a retired physician .He provides free medical check up at our general hospital.He has diagnosed patients with video endoscopy which was donated by The Dalai Lama Trust. In some cases he has completely eradicated the infection with his healing hands.

we are very glad to see the sense of satisfaction from the people.

Dr. Ghulam Mohd is an eminent physician who has offered countless patients excellent treatments.He has dedicated and devoted his time to help people improve their health and live a healthy life.He has examined and diagnosed different health issues .

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